• Chicago's Field Museum to be home of world's largest dinosaur
  • CHICAGO, Aug. 30 (Xinhua) -- Chicago's Field Museum of Natural History announced Wednesday that it will become home to world's largest dinosaur and the museum put it in the main hall next year where world's famous dinosaur fossil nicknamed Sue now stands.
    In celebration of the museum's 125th anniversary, the 122-foot-long(37.2 meters) titanosaur will be unveiled early next year. Known by its scientific name of Patagotitan mayorum, the plant-eater lived 100 millions years ago in Argentina represents world's biggest land animal.
    Paying for it is a 16.5 million U.S. dollars gift from Chicago billionaire Kenneth Griffin, which the Field Museum calls "one of the largest private contributions ever to a Chicago museum," designed to help emphasize the museum's status as a first-rate dinosaur destination.
    "The titanosaur is huge, and it'll look right at home in Stanley Field Hall," said Senior Exhibitions Project Manager Hilary Hansen via official statement. "It's a big, majestic space which will be the perfect backdrop for the world's largest dinosaur."
    According to the museum, city's beloved Tyrannosaurus Rex(T-Rex) fossil, Sue, will no longer reign in the main hall and the new dinosaur fossil will took her place. Sue the T-Rex, debuted in Stanley Field Hall in 2000, will be moved to a dedicated gallery space in the second floor for permanent evolution exhibit.
    Named after the woman who discovered the fossil in South Dakota state in 1990, Sue is the world's largest and complete fossil for the extinct predator with a length of 40 and half feet(12.3 meters). The museum bought the fossil at auction for 8.4 million dollars in 1997.
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